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Exploring the colors of Life - Mauritius

I am a strong believer in the saying 'you need to get lost to truly discover yourself' and how many of us can truly say they've been able to do the same. Most of us travel along fixed paths, knowing well where the roads will take them.

Sure, knowing where you're gonna end up is cool, but it also robs us of the excitement and joy of coming across the unknown.

Well my itinerary in Mauritius revolved around the known, with people aware of the country showing us around, so I pretty much knew what was in store. But then again, the country is such that the unknown can throw surprises.

One such surprise was finding myself in the middle of nowhere, and yet being able to make sense of it.

La vallee des couleurs

Coming from a country where commuting is a pain, I wasn't keen on travelling across the length of a country. I imagined myself getting stuck in traffic, wasting the entire day on the road. And how wrong I was. Getting to the valley of colors or the place more popularly known for its different colors of land was one of the most scenic journeys of my life. Criss crossing through mountains with a view of the ocean on one side kept the anticipation high. The place in itself was high on energy, with families and tourists making the most of the gorgeous weather.

La vallee des couleurs national park is popular among those looking to get an adrenaline rush. But for those looking to get a little more of the unknown, this place has a great deal to offer, provided you are willing to lose yourself in it.

The ride to nowhere

Riding on mud roads is something I am used to (anyone who has driven in India would testify to this). So when I was given a mammoth ATV to handle I felt OK, this won't be bad. Multiple practice rounds and a couple of near fall experiences later I finally made my way up the mountain. Where I was headed I had no idea, I was just following the guide. Through water, stones, and broken terrain, we inches up. The view changing every few minutes. The only company we had was a herd of deer, who seemed blissfully unaware of our presence. My mind began to question the guide. 'Does he know where we're going?' 'Is my day going to be ruined with nothing productive to offer?' And how wrong was I.

Coming across hidden waterfalls,

with no human being in sight, this is perhaps what I truly needed. It gave me time to think, wonder, ponder - We are always in a rush to reach a particular destination, but maybe it is good to slow down and get lost in the way. The waterfall in itself was a small one - but pristine. Clear water, forest everywhere the eyes went. We often give into temptations on a daily basis, temptations which make us feel guilty after we indulge in them. But this was one temptation which I gladly gave into.

The rejuvenated mind can often take on the world, and I was ready to take on the challenges of the ride ahead. Yet, there was none.

Higher we go, more the airs we get in life. Thankfully this journey made me realize that the higher one goes, the simpler things get,

with this picture describing why it’s absolutely OK to take the road less traveled.

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