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Surf and turf minus the crowd

We often look to the skies for answers, guidance: and if the skies are gloomy and dull we just head back in, thinking it is for the best. But venturing out under such conditions was perhaps the best decision I made on the trip. The ocean winds compensated for a bumpy boat ride, with a yummy surf and turf lunch beckoning us on the other side of this ride

Smoke bellowing out of colorful shacks welcomed us, with a small crew of enthusiastic young men asking us to follow them. Those expecting luxury accommodations would be disappointed, for everything on the island was as basic as could be. A few chairs and tables were all that could be seen, with a grill master going at it just to the side.

The rain gods had kept to themselves for most part of the day, but even they couldn’t resist the smell of food. It is not often that we find ourselves dining in the company of gods, but today happened to be just that day.

Even before we could soak in the beauty of the place the rain gods made an appearance, and what a sight it was. Accompanied by thunder and lighting, one could be forgiven for getting scared. For the people serving us it seemed as though the rain awakened their souls, for within a matter of seconds they broke into a soulful rendition, soon to be joined by chairs which converted into makeshift drums and cutlery which transformed into musical instruments.

The lunch was delayed, for water and fire aren't the best of friends, but the music entertained us till lunch arrived. And when it did come it was something fit for the gods. Grilled fish, lobster, chicken, sausages, veggies, and garlic bread. The mere thought of it has me salivating. Digging into the same with a soulful harmony in the background was perhaps what was missing on the trip.

No noise, no clutter – everyone around was immersed in their food. A good meal, some say, is measured by the time one takes to eat it. This was perhaps the lengthiest meals of my life, yet time flew by. The raindrops hitting the water, the melody of the music joining hands with the waves, the whiff of petrichor and grilled food – they lifted the spirits of everyone, helping us connect to our own senses. No meal is complete without dessert, no matter how simple it might be. Our dessert was grilled plantains. Nothing exuberant, yet completely satisfying.

While the rain gods decided to stay a little longer, they were considerate enough to hold back and relax. These were the moments which helped me to truly appreciate Mauritius for all that it is, for while the sun and sand provided a sense of warmth and comfort, the rain provided inner peace.@innerpiece by Taher

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