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When even the rain doesn't dampen your spirits

When the place Mauritius comes to mind most of us automatically shift to scenes of the ocean, sun kissed beaches, clear blue skies, warm waters, and yummy food. While this small jewel in the Indian ocean does live up to all these thoughts, most of us often tend to forget that unexpected surprises can often be as beautiful, if not more.

Landing in Mauritius to a warm and sultry welcome was expected, but enjoying the rains from a tiny beach-side shack – this is perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, heck, most of us would brand our vacation “RUINED” the moment the Rain Gods decide to pay us a visit. Call it what you may, the rains could not dampen the spirit of this island. They, on the other hand helped bring about a different side of the people and the place, which was accentuated by a beautiful surf and turf lunch at an isolated beach.

Ile Aux Cerfs is perhaps found on the itinerary of every single tourist. The place in itself is as pristine as one could imagine, but there are often complaints that it gets too crowded, preventing one from truly enjoying its beauty.

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